Allevant uses CREATE™ for our clients to promote a positive culture, teamwork, and high employee satisfaction. By positively impacting employee satisfaction and teamwork, the organization increases the ability to attract and retain high-quality staff and it expands the capacity and willingness of the care team to care for more challenging patients. It also helps to foster an environment of trust, strong communication, a safe place to work, and positive outcomes for patients.



  • Top two reasons why a patient would recommend a hospital based on largest Press Ganey survey every conducted
    • #1 How well the care team worked together to care for you
    • #2 Cheerfulness of the staff
  • A "Cheerful" staff is much more likely to bring forward concerns, potential harm, and create a more positive work environment



  • Celebrate successes of patient, family and care team
  • "Healthcare burnout" is an epidemic impacting physicians, nursing, nursing assistants resulting in very high staff turnover, poor morale, etc. Recognition is a powerful tool to promote job satisfaction and engagement, etc.



  • Elevate team members around you
  • Bring out the best in your colleagues and care team



  • Anticipate, communicate and mitigate potential risks for harm


Team, Team, Team

  • It is about continuing to evolve as a team
  • Expand team problem solving
  • Expand the capacity of the team to care for more challenging patients
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning



  • Eliminate fear and anxiety for the patient, family, and care team
  • Engaging patient and family on bedside rounds and including them in their care plan, we reduce the fear and anxiety for the patient
  • Expanding the education, promoting teamwork, problem solving and a "can do" attitude reduces fear and anxiety for staff

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