About Us

Allevant is a joint venture between Mayo Clinic and Select Medical, offering consulting services for Critical Access Hospitals ("CAH") and other providers to develop post-acute care programs focused on measured outcomes and evidence-based processes to ensure patients get the best care possible. The Transitional Care Program is centered on teamwork, communication, and collaboration.

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing. It has a societal commitment to benefit humanity, and its knowledge and expertise makes a positive impact around the world. This endeavor supports needs for healthcare in rural communities. The services of Allevant are based on a model used at Mayo Clinic Health System. Learn more at mayoclinic.org.

Select Medical has grown to be one of the largest operators of long term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and occupational health centers in the United States based on the number of facilities. Select Medical's mission is to provide an exceptional patient care experience that promotes healing and recovery in a compassionate environment. Learn more at selectmedical.com.

Everyone wins with Allevant

We are all more than aware of how our rural residents are underserved. If they happen to be overcoming a life threatening illness or accident, they are almost certain to need costly rehabilitative services. Add to that fact that many of our rural healthcare facilities already have limited resources. There is an answer. Introducing Allevant Solutions, LLC. This consulting company assists Critical Access Hospital swing bed programs to care for a broader, more complex patient group by helping staff learn new methodologies, algorithms and processes such as high-quality transitional care. With Allevant, rural facilities can keep more local patients, increase post-acute care offerings, reduce costs and become a new kind of discharge destination.

The concept is based on a highly successful transitional care program by Mayo Clinic Health System that included 11 hospitals in rural America. The program was initiated by pulmonologist Mark Lindsay, M.D., who led a team that systematically filled a desperate need for high quality post-acute care outside metropolitan areas. This work became the major inspiration for Allevant Solutions. In addition to the cost savings, participating hospitals benefit from improved communication, enhanced outpatient services, stronger referral relationships and improved patient outcomes.

Allevant's role in rural post-acute healthcare delivery

More rural hospitals have closed recently than in the prior 15 years combined. Maintaining long-term viability of CAHs will be essential for rural healthcare delivery. Furthermore, 20% of Medicare patients are hospitalized each year and almost half require care after being discharged from the hospital to assist them in their recovery from serious illnesses for essential post-acute care services. However, most providers have neither produced consistent value nor had the flexibility to meet the changing needs of patients. Offer your patients another choice with Transitional Care through Allevant.

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